XProtect Rapid REVIEW is now even easier to use 

July 12, 2022

Last year we released XProtect® Rapid REVIEW, a forensic analytics tool that can save you hours of time and speed up post-event investigations. 

Now with our latest release, you can operate, configure, and administer XProtect Rapid REVIEW with even greater ease and efficiency. 

The new updates include:

Updated tab in the XProtect Smart Client 

Manage your SmartClient workspaces even easier as we updated the tab in the Smart Client to Rapid REVIEW.  

Optimized camera replacement functionality 

Now you can replace discontinued or broken cameras from within Rapid REVIEW without mandatory support or affecting the license count. This is valid for cameras that use the same name.

Improved & simplified configuration 

Administer and configure XProtect Rapid REVIEW even easier with the following tools: 

Validate an installation’s readiness or upgrade before installing with the Check Prerequisite Tool. 

Easily gather the logs attached to a Support ticket with the Log Collector Tool. 

Change hostnames across your installation all at once if a server hostname changes with the Server Hostname Change Tool.

Update the configuration of server log files from one location with the Configure Server Logging Tool. 

Change storage folders across your installation all at once if a storage folder changes with the Move Storage Tool. 

To benefit from these new features and updates, download the latest version of XProtect Rapid Review 2022 R2 (6.3) now.  

Download now