SenTRACK – manage incidents with live tracking

Used by education campuses, business parks and airports worldwide, SenTRACK has a built-in audit capability to identify and eliminate coverage black spots and avoid duplication of camera views.

SenTRACK enhances the effectiveness of any video system by turning individual cameras into a single integrated camera network. Using AI, the system leverages an operator’s peripheral view and displays the next most likely locations of the object.


From airports to casinos, SenTRACK is used to:
  • Track persons, vehicles, or objects of interest for video pursuit
  • Produce multi-camera forensic evidence from recorded video or continuous tracking
  • Create virtual walkthroughs and site audits
  • Track the number of people at a location and check occupancy thresholds
  • Gain valuable marketing insights with path to purchase and other retail analytics.
Securing highly sensitive premises

From dorm rooms and lecture halls to sports complexes and libraries — many campus areas need monitoring to ensure the safety of students, staff and facilities. However, campus administrators face many challenges when it comes to security.

Prominently placed cameras can act as a deterrent, but they also warn thieves, trespassers and vandals that they may be monitored. In addition, campus security personnel need to know the layout of the site which can take months of training.

“We replace security officers every six months … they spend the whole time learning the site then they’re gone,” 

one Security Operations Manager told us.
Solving operator churn

The power of SenTRACK makes it easy for operators, regardless of their skills or expertise, to track people over large-scale camera networks in live and forensic video. As the SenTRACK UI runs as a plugin within XProtect SmartClient, your customers have access to the full eco-system.

New security staff no longer need to waste time learning the layout of the system. It’s simply no longer necessary for then to know where cameras are positioned, or the layout of the site to follow the action. This greatly reduces ramp-up time; security personnel can successfully perform these tasks from day one with minimum training. SenTRACK acts like an accurate pair of eyes and eliminates the impacts of human fatigue, error, and lack of skills.

Ensure employee safety

SenTRACK can be used for virtual walkthroughs of campus facilities to verify the absence of intruders. This greatly improves security personnel safety by eliminating the chances of them bumping into an unexpected intruder. Security guards can scan the entire premises for threats without being physically present.


No need to replace existing cameras

Creating a safer campus environment doesn’t need to be an expensive, time-consuming task. SenTRACK captures and analyses data from existing camera feeds and integrates sensors such as passive infrared (PIRs), Lidar and Radar – so there’s no need to completely replace equipment. And, with real-time notifications, site managers can rest assured that their operators can efficiently respond to high-stress situations such as active shooters on site.
Additionally, SenTRACK offers support for hybrid solutions combining legacy cameras and major smart camera platforms, so if needed your customers can migrate their camera fleet at their own pace.

Forensic evidence capture

SenTRACK offers improved forensic efficiency. Operators can track individuals backward in time to determine when and where they first appeared on campus. Operators can then create video evidence while continuously tracking other objects. They can also create campus-wide incident reports and share multi-camera evidence videos.
This all radically reduces the costs and speed of reporting evidence.

Learn more about SenTRACK, download the customer case story, or get in touch with SenSen today via Milestone Marketplace.

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