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March 02, 2022
We occasionally experience bugs and release hotfixes to sort them out, prior to eliminating them in the next of the three yearly product updates.
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We have recently published the following articles.

NEW - How to (48017)
Splitting driver proxy 'ProxySrv.exe' in latest Device Pack and XProtect versions (how-to)

NEW - FAQ (47927)
Configuration Export FAQ

NEW - Troubleshooting (47930)
Fresh installing or upgrading XProtect throws 'DB30003: Error applying update script: 20.3.02.' (troubleshooting) 

NEW - FAQ (47928)
'Moved Temporarily' or 'Moved Permanently' appear in Wireshark captures (troubleshooting)

NEW - FAQ (47583)
Error 'The hotfix tool already started!' (issue and troubleshooting)

NEW - Article (47585)
Integrating with XProtect from .NET 5 (“Core”) running on Linux

NEW - FAQ (46900)
Incident Manager black (empty) project window in the Smart Client (troubleshooting)

NEW - FAQ (46986)
[internal] Complete list of hardware driver IDs

Updated - FAQ (46725)
Interconnect license FAQ

Updated - FAQ (45012)
Milestone Smart Client Watermark missing when exporting in XProtect format (troubleshooting)

Updated - FAQ (42945)
XProtect Access integration with CCure 9000 v. 2.90 SP4 refresh configuration fails (hotfix & troubleshooting)

Updated - Troubleshooting (38330)
License is lost during online or offline activation and the message appears 'Cannot read the received license information' (troubleshooting)

Updated - How to (33264)
Splitting driver proxy 'ProxySrv.exe' in Device Pack 11.4 (how-to and troubleshooting)

Updated - FAQ (33880)
Axis Optimizer for XProtect VMS (detailed guide)

Updated - How to (33274)
How to perform a license activation — XProtect VMS products

Updated - FAQ (33844)
XProtect software conflicting with third-party applications (troubleshooting)

Updated - Troubleshooting (35161)
Cannot read the received license information (troubleshooting)

Updated - Troubleshooting (35413)
Bounding boxes does not display in live mode

Updated - FAQ (33367)
About Milestone Software Development Kit (SDK) — download link

Updated - How to (33118)
Processor architecture compatibility for Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) SDK

Updated - FAQ (34370)
XProtect VMS cumulative patches (complete list)

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