Milestone in 2022

What does 2022 hold for video technology and our partners?

Thomas Jensen, our CEO and Simon Thule Viggers, our Chief People & Culture Officer take a shot at predicting what 2022 holds for Milestone. (Spoiler alert: It involves partners and people.)

This is first in a series of three videos. The second and third videos, focusing on flexible working and learnings from 2021 will be up shortly.

Episode 1: Make the World See

Our purpose at Milestone is to ‘Make the World See’. In this video, Thomas and Simon talk about what that means in 2022 and beyond.

Episode 2: Flexible working hours

The pandemic has emphasized the value of more flexible working hours. Thomas and Simon discuss how and why this flexible culture can continue in a post-Covid world.

Episode 3: Learnings from 2021

What worked in 2021? Thomas and Simon look back at the previous year, and offer their thoughts on what we learned and will keep going in 2022.

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