Boosting storage capacity with Hybrid Cloud Storage for XProtect

New, intelligent video surveillance cameras and analytical applications are capturing more video data than ever. This means that the need for storage capacity requirements is increasing every day. Building secure and scalable storage systems capable of managing petabytes (PB) of data requires considerable IT resources.

It also requires staff with the expertise for dealing with ever-evolving security threats and countermeasures. This is difficult, if not impossible, for many small to medium-sized organizations. Milestone XProtect® combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage provides a surveillance and security solution with unlimited scalability at a considerably lower storage cost, so businesses can deal with the staggering amount of data being recorded.

The hybrid approach to storage

A hybrid model refers to an environment where much of the on-site hardware infrastructure remains intact, but the local storage is extended to the cloud using a software gateway. With a hybrid approach to video surveillance storage, you can provide customers with the best of both on-site infrastructure and public cloud services. Users can upload video files to the cloud when it’s convenient, and in the event your Internet connection goes down, users can continue the viewing of all live cameras, as well as get instant access to at least 2-3 days of locally buffered recordings.

How Wasabi works with Milestone XProtect

A unique capability of Milestone Systems XProtect IP video surveillance management software is its dual-stage archiving functionality. Dual-stage archiving enables users to record primary ‘day one’ storage on local (and more expensive) hard drives and then schedule transfers of the recorded video to Wasabi for long-term storage. This way, the number of recordings that your customers can store is not limited to the size of the on-premises recording database. With Wasabi, customers can scale incrementally as their retention policy requires.

To connect the Milestone and Wasabi solution together, a third-party file system layer is used to connect the Milestone file system and Wasabi S3 interface. The file system converts the video file format to highly scalable object storage, simplifying the use of cloud storage. With this hybrid solution, all authorized Milestone devices can see and access the same shared video, irrespective of their location.

Safe, secure, and tamper-proof

With the increasing amount of sensitive video being generated, it’s vital that effective security measures are taken to prevent breaches. Wasabi takes a ‘defense-in-depth' approach to security to protect against a wide range of threats. Wasabi ensures the physical security of their data centers by employing strong authentication and authorization controls for all storage and networking infrastructure. This prevents video from being modified or deleted with our immutability feature, and encrypts all files at rest and in transit, to safeguard confidentiality.

Video storage costs that are predictable

From a cost perspective, Milestone’s XProtect combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage provides the most affordable cloud storage environment for high-quality video surveillance infrastructures, including high-definition and megapixel environments. While it’s true that digital video consumes a significant amount of space, it’s not so much the storage footprint that makes cloud storage use impractical for security and surveillance companies. Often, it’s the egress and retrieval fees charged to access stored recordings creating an obstacle. With Wasabi, storage costs are predictable - there are no fees for file downloads (egress) or API requests. There is only one line-item on the monthly bill, and that is for the storage used.


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