Instantly Add Cloud to XProtect

March 22, 2022

With Tiger Technology and XProtect, it’s simple to plug all the benefits of the cloud into your video management solution.

Storage Bridge from Tiger Technology is a software-only MIP plug-in for XProtect. Not only does it enable connection to any cloud, it also provides access to archival cloud storage tiers for extremely cost-effective, long-term retention and compliance.

The only integrated cloud solution

Storage Bridge integrates into the XProtect recording server with plug-ins for the Management Client and Smart Client. Being 100% integrated into XProtect means the setup is extremely seamless and fast — typically under five minutes with no disruption to the recording servers.

By integrating into the file system, Storage Bridge performs all desired cloud operations seamlessly, with no changes necessary to your XProtect installation.

Keep what you love & add more

Since there are no changes to your existing environment or workflow, all the things you love remain. Storage Bridge just adds more to love. Enjoy the data safety of the cloud plus instant and seamless storage expansion for any changes or mandates to your retention periods. With Storage Bridge and the cloud, you never again have to worry about how much data you need to store, where to put it, or how long it needs to be protected. 

Your data has never been more safe

Cloud Object Storage is extremely safe and durable. In fact, it equates to “11 nines” — which is to say 99.999999999% — data durability. As a major cloud provider put it, that means that even with one billion objects, you could probably go a hundred years without losing a single one. Storage Bridge also works seamlessly with all cloud providers, so you can take your pick. In some cases, you may even choose multiple providers. Storage Bridge cloud integration dramatically increases data safety and adds all the storage expansion you could ever need. Smart, very smart.

Nothing recovers faster

The core technology in Storage Bridge provides the most sophisticated file system capabilities yet. This advanced software technology enables exceptional recovery point and recovery time objectives. To recover from a disaster, Storage Bridge can reconstruct the local XProtect camera timelines by simply indexing data stored safely in the cloud. This can be done in minutes, instead of hours or days, as retrieving the actual camera data is not required.

Another key and dramatic benefit of Storage Bridge is the ability to save on hardware costs. Tiger’s technology allows local storage capacity to be freed up or reclaimed so it never runs out. Regardless of location, XProtect sees the data as being local. The data continues to be immediately accessible from all standard cloud tiers.

Storage Bridge also allows you to configure whatever amount of local storage is best for your environment, workflow, and budget. That, on top of the convenience and ease of instant cloud integration, disaster recovery, and the limitless extension possible with XProtect, makes it the ideal solution for companies exploring cloud.
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