Reintroducing our Technical Configuration Level 2 training

September 07, 2021
This three-day instructor-led training class, designed to develop your abilities to install and configure complex XProtect VMS installations, has been updated and is now relaunched as a fully online class. The class takes participants through a brand-new scenario structure including full deployment of a new installation across a distributed domain network for better practical understanding.
Participants will experience how to deploy a distributed XProtect Corporate VMS installation across different hands-on lab activities. They will be introduced to various tools and techniques that streamline deployment, help automate tasks already covered within the scope of their MCIT certification, and enable them to perform more advanced configuration tasks.  

Topics covered in class include: 

- Working with domains, domain trusts, and Active Directory users and groups

- Configuring Management Server and Recording Server failover

- Streamlining installation across a distributed network  

- Performing advanced device management and maintenance  

- Configuring advanced role-based security  

- Configuring advanced system behaviors and complex rules  

- Working with Milestone Interconnect and Milestone Federated Architecture  

... and more! 

The first classes are scheduled from September and will be made available in seven languages later in 2021. All training classes are 100% online with an experienced instructor. Find the scheduled classes on the Milestone Learning portal:   

*An active MCIT certification is required to attend this class. The class is not a requirement for the Milestone Certified Integration Engineer (MCIE) online certification assessment but is recommended as preparation. 

Happy Learning!