MIP SDK enables easier deployment, usability and maintenance

September 07, 2021
The MIP SDK enables integrations across software and hardware that empower technology partners to create complete solutions.In this article, you can learn why our partner barox considers the MIP SDK a benefit to their operations.
With 21 years of experience in the surveillance market, barox manufactures switches for video, media converters, and IP extenders. Specifically developed for video transmission, barox switches are cyber-secured by design. With powerful functions to protect video networks, these highly usable switches feature advanced POE management.  
I'm a strong believer in the power of the Milestone community. The overall solution – cameras, VMS, and network infrastructure becomes stronger when you link these components intelligently. Data sharing and receiving relevant network performance information quickly and efficiently, allows for faster notification and intervention, leading to improvements in overall reliability and performance.
Rudolf Rohr, CEO, barox  
Benefits of the barox plug-in on Marketplace  
Designed to help installers and operators manage their security networks and connected devices via the XProtect Smart Client, this powerful plugin offers a live graphical overview of network topology including cameras, VMS, and network infrastructure. It delivers invaluable network information and VMS system diagnostic data.   

Check out barox on Marketplace HERE
Benefits of the plugin for Milestone users   
See the entire network, allowing for faster debugging 
By directly feeding knowledge from the switches into the Milestone Alarm Viewer, users can avail of more detailed information about their network and cameras.  

Know where the cameras are 
Named cameras are included in the plugin and users can click on the camera name and go directly to camera menus for easy management.  

Easily turn off cameras (e.g prison interview rooms, attorney–client privilege) 
Cameras often have multiple streams, so turning them off requires heavy intervention. The barox plugin adds action buttons directly to the image and allows users to easily turn off power to the camera ensuring it doesn’t function.  

Improved maintenance for the entire system 
By accessing all alarm information in the Milestone Alarm Viewer, users can better prepare for onsite maintenance. For instance, they’ll know to bring spare parts/replacement devices for a camera that frequently goes offline. 
Integration with the MIP SDK
barox started implementing their plugin two years ago. This was the first time they used the MIP SDK. The integration went smoothly and took a couple of months. They used the MIP SDK’s plugin integration, event server, and APIs for events and alarms as well as video and audio metadata to intercept the image. They found the MIP SDK to be beneficial because:

- Well-documented, straightforward, and easy to learn. 

- A brilliant, simple platform for creating plugins: It lets you take analytic metadata from barox switches, combine them with defined events, and generate an output. The MIP SDK offers a smart building platform.  

- Regularly updated: The latest MIP SDK version enables secure integration between barox switches and XProtect.
Benefits of working with Milestone 
- Create better systems by bringing barox closer to software-based users and helping them to better understand their customers’ needs.

- Increased business: Integrators now understand the thinking behind this plugin and can even define new use cases. For example, in one company, the board members didn’t want to be filmed, so the plugin is now used to turn off cameras during board meetings. 

- Help to move into new markets: barox is moving into the Middle East market, where they are not well-known. Working with Milestone, they have achieved their first successes in this new market. 

- Good experience with Marketplace: Together with the MIP SDK, Marketplace enhances the community experience and allows you to become stronger, better and to grow as a whole. 

This plugin differentiates barox from other market players. They no longer talk about pricing with their customers. 
Now they talk about processes and how to optimize.
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