Introducing two new “Communicating Milestone Value” eLearning courses

May 11, 2021
Check out the two courses that highlight stakeholder concerns on System Security and Situational Awareness and enables you to communicate on how XProtect solves these challenges.
The target of the two new courses is to communicate the value an XProtect solution provides. They help partner sales organizations ask probing questions and demonstrate the value of the features and functions.

These are the two first releases of seven modules in total focused on communicating product features.
System Security
This course raises common stakeholder concerns about cybersecurity and provides an overview of the key Milestone XProtect features and functions that keep customer installations secure. It identifies the value each feature brings with key customer stakeholders in their daily work. Taking this course will empower you to explain system security features in XProtect and enable you to engage with customer stakeholders on how each feature impacts them.

Find it here
Situational Awareness
Here, you will discover key Milestone XProtect features and functions that provide situational awareness. After taking this course, you will be able to identify and explain features which enhances situational awareness and engage with customers on how each feature impacts them.

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Both courses are intended for partner sales functions newer to Milestone.

The courses are part of 16 course Product Expert Training track that Milestone plan to launch new curriculums over the next year.

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