Balto by Seneca enhanced with Maestro

March 09, 2021
Tired of the long configuration process to setup recording servers for Milestone XProtect? Balto by Seneca with Maestro makes the configuration process quick and easy. Maestro completes server setup time in less than 30 minutes and is optimized for Milestone XProtect.
Our innovative Maestro software orchestrates configuration and setup to get your Balto solution up and running in minutes instead of hours.

We channeled years of value engineering into an intuitive dashboard that eliminates hundreds of keystrokes.

We’ve worked with Milestone to ensure that the system includes the latest software versions for Maestro to optimize.

Purpose-built by Seneca, the industry innovators, Maestro transforms the server into a true security appliance in under 30 minutes. It comes optimized for Milestone and support is just a click away.

Maestro comes pre-installed and ready-to-use on all Balto NVRs.

Watch the video: