First OSSA devices supported by Milestone Systems

June 08, 2021
Milestone now officially supports the MIC inteox 7100i and AUTODOME inteox 7000i cameras, the first "Driven by OSSA" devices by Bosch Security and Safety Systems.
The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA®) is a collaboration initiative that brings together like-minded organizations.

The alliance aims to create a framework providing standards and specifications for common components – including an operating system, IoT infrastructure, collective approach for data security and privacy – and a drive for improved levels of performance for security and safety solutions.

The aim is to help the market and all parties involved to focus on the aspects that add value for their customers — and enable new application possibilities, even beyond security and safety.
OSSA is open for everyone interested in the safety and security industry. Through being open, we can innovate faster and improve quality together.
Troels Munck, Senior Technology Business Development Manager at Milestone Systems
To identify devices that follow the OSSA Technology Stack for video security devices, the Alliance introduced a signage mark and tagline: Driven by OSSA.

It supports the launch of the first commercially available camera products designed to reduce fragmentation and orchestrate harmony within an open ecosystem for the security industry.

Being “Driven by OSSA”, the first products of Bosch’s INTEOX series enrich the portfolio of OSSA compliant devices with improved levels of performance for security and safety solutions.

They help users predict and anticipate unforeseen events by converting video data into actionable insights. The cameras also allow for the easy creation of customized software apps that can be deployed on the INTEOX cameras at any time.

Market players can mix and match apps from the Security & Safety Things Application Store or develop software apps to create new, novel solutions. This offers a new world of possibilities to help build predictive solutions.
Milestone is the core to an open, valued, committed ecosystem and platform community - that's part of our DNA. By working with OSSA, we can make sure that we drive innovation in the market.
Brad Eck, Executive Technology Partner Manager at Milestone Systems
With the latest Device Pack release (11.5a), we introduce a new generic driver, "Bosch," that supports the latest INTEOX series, Bosch's first "Driven by OSSA" devices.

As the open platform company, we are dedicated to ensuring our XProtect® software works with the widest selection of devices. For that reason, Milestone keeps investing in its extensive portfolio of supported devices that currently includes over 10,400 models. We are happy to add the innovative INTEOX series from one of our strategic partners to this list and support OSSA even further.

Together with OSSA, Milestone is committed to driving the adoption of new standards, specifications for products, and solutions in the security and safety market and connected areas. Part of this effort is to promote more intelligent and useful solutions for users and bring together like-minded companies to create a framework outlining a common standardized platform for security and safety solutions accessible for everyone.

Bosch Security and Safety Systems is part of Milestones System's open platform community, and a founding member of the Open Security & Safety Alliance. Bosch recently introduced it’s first “Driven by OSSA” devices – the Bosch MIC inteox 7100i and AUTODOME inteox 7000i that operate on the Bosch INTEOX open camera platform.

Being fully integrated to XProtect and seamlessly connected to S&ST's Application store, Bosch, Milestone Systems, and OSSA work together to create an innovative ecosystem that reduces fragmentation in the industry through collaboration and the creation of adoptable standards.