The MIP SDK makes integrating easy

July 13, 2021
The MIP SDK allows for flexible and lighter integrations. In this article, you can learn why our partner Parquery considers the MIP SDK a benefit to their operations.
Founded in Switzerland in 2014, Parquery provides a cloud-based parking solution for smart cities and the retail and transportation industries. Parquery’s AI technology detects vehicles and other objects in images from any camera and provides real-time results and statistics. A Milestone technology partner since July 2019, their customers include the Swiss city of Vevey, where over 400 parking spots are monitored using only two cameras.
Parquery plug-in on Marketplace 
The Parquery plugin offers XProtect users access to valuable parking information, allowing them to make smart decisions for the best use of their real estate assets. For instance, it’s possible to analyze mobility flows to identify bottlenecks or use parking statistics to optimize dynamic pricing. XProtect is currently the only VMS Parquery integrates with. 

Learn more on Marketplace here:
As our solution is relatively easy to integrate with Milestone, our goal was to increase our market visibility and reach by displaying our technology on the Marketplace. The fact that we can work with existing cameras could ideally convince potential customers to ‘plug-and-play’ our solution.
Andrea Fossati, CEO, and Co-Founder of Parquery 
Parquery analyzes images from any camera to detect objects and provide real-time information such as statistics on occupancy, availability, visitors, available spots, total spots, and visit duration. Plus, all data (inflows, outflows, spot occupancy, exact duration, median duration, etc.) can be easily downloaded. 

Featuring an interactive dashboard, this plugin allows for real-time duration analysis. Users can access live camera views, as well as parking area maps and snapshots displaying individual parking spots. Additionally, a playback function allows users to move back and forth in time to see the data over different timelines. 

From cameras to electricity and internet connectivity, there are many essential components needed for effective parking installations. Through XProtect, Parquery offers users a centralized overview of what’s happening for more effective operations.  

Users can also decide how to get alerts for instance, if vehicles are parked for too long.
Integration with the MIP SDK
Parquery wanted their end-customers to benefit from direct access to the Parquery dashboard from inside XProtect. Their first integration took about 2-3 months. They used the events and alarms, video, audio and metadata, and configuration features. Parquery found the MIP SDK to be beneficial because: 

- It’s a straightforward tool that allows them to easily develop their plugin. 
- It’s flexible and allows for lighter integrations – Parquery’s current integration pulls video out of XProtect’s recording server, analyzes it, and then feeds their data back into XProtect.  
- Parquery is now evaluating the results of their plugin and plans to expand integration later this year.
Benefits of working with Milestone 
Parquery sees Marketplace as a valuable sales tool. On average, they receive 1-2 leads per month. 

With Milestone installations all over the world and their plugin already integrated, Parquery can offer their customers a cost-effective, plug-and-play solution. And because a large number of cameras are already integrated into XProtect, there’s no need to buy additional cameras or even configure each camera individually. 

As a Milestone partner, Parquery can reach a much wider customer audience and be part of an already rich and thriving ecosystem of experts. 

Learn more on Marketplace here:
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