Hotfixes to the problems you experience most often

October 27, 2021
We occasionally experience bugs and release hotfixes to sort them out, prior to eliminating them in the next of the three yearly product updates.
We have recently published the following hotfixes and troubleshooting articles. Click on the link to find out what to do if this is a problem you have experienced:

NEW - How To (38893)

Add a view using Configuration API strongly typed classes

NEW - Known issue (38655)

Video outage in XProtect Professional

NEW - Hotfix (38656)

Video Outage in XProtect Professional

NEW - FAQ (38416)

LenelS2 Open Video Integration loses video — OnGuard Service Pack upgrades remove the Integration components (troubleshooting)

NEW - Known issue (38333)

LenelS2 Open Video Integration loses video (issue)

NEW - How To (38012)

How to apply XProtect VMS database hotfixes silently (guide)

NEW - Troubleshooting (38330)

License is lost during online or offline activation and the message appears 'Cannot read the received license information' (troubleshooting)

NEW - Known issue (38337)

Nvidia Quadro P-series cards and XProtect motion detection not working (issue)

NEW - Troubleshooting (38335)

Nvidia Quadro P-series cards and XProtect motion detection not working as expected (troubleshooting)

NEW - How To (38332)

Change LockoutSettings for Basic Users (how-to)

NEW - How To (38008)

Enabling HTTP connections on XProtect Mobile Server with v. 2021 R1 or newer

Updated - Troubleshooting (33511)

Manually replacing an already installed device driver (how-to)

Updated - How To (34651)

Exploring the MIP SDK Tool: View and Window Tool

Updated - FAQ (33889)

Legacy Device Pack: how to recognize the newly installed drivers

Updated - How To (33055)

Install XProtect Smart Client silently (how-to)

Updated - Troubleshooting (35287)

Unable to see live video in the Smart or Management Clients connecting to an
XProtect VMS system (troubleshooting)

Updated - Troubleshooting (32967)

Video exports from the XProtect Smart Client hang or take longer than expected to complete

Updated - Troubleshooting (35189)

Change Recording Server log file size or location to preserve space (how-to)

Updated - How To (33096)

How to check the language (culture) that the XProtect Smart Client is running in? (MIP SDK plugin development)

Updated - How To (33782)

How does XProtect® Smart Client export to AVI format?

Updated - How To (33728)

About XProtect Transact's TCP Client Transact Provider

Updated - How To (33748)

Configure anti-virus software on XProtect systems (best practices)

Updated - FAQ (34370)

XProtect VMS cumulative patches (complete list)

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