Get the latest Husky IVO technology

By Henrik Jakobsen

Earlier this year we launched Milestone Husky IVO™ – the latest generation of our Husky video surveillance appliances. In 2022, we will be refreshing the products to ensure you can enjoy the latest technology and best performance available.

What’s a refresh?

A refresh is essentially a component upgrade.

This could mean a new and improved CPU, a different mix of USB ports, or other internal components providing the latest benefits.

Please note that these upgrades will only apply to Husky appliances bought after the refresh has been launched. Be assured that none of these refreshes will affect the purpose and chief benefits associated with the Husky IVO model being updated.

You can always see what revision of Husky IVO you have by checking the revision number on the hardware label. Specification sheets will also feature the revision number to ensure you can match the specifications with any revision.

Husky IVO 350T is first in line

Husky IVO 350T will be the first model to get a refresh. When this refresh is released the hardware label and the specification sheet will say “Husky IVO 350T Rev. 2”. The 350T model will be getting a newer CPU (i3-10105 compared to the current i3-10100), a different mix of USB ports, and the NIC port is being moved from the expansion slot to an internal slot.