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August 10, 2021

The MIP SDK allows for integrations that help businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness. In this article, you can learn why our partner VENZO Secure considers the MIP SDK a benefit to their operations.

An official Milestone system builder, VENZO provides turnkey pre-configured solutions as professional services and optimized hardware solutions pre-loaded with Milestone software. Their goal is to help make life easier for Milestone’s partners by increasing the win probability and reducing the cost of the hardware needed.

The MIP SDK helps us better serve our customers. We can sit down and have a really good conversation about what their problems are, where they need help, and what they want to achieve. We don’t have to bend their requirements out of shape to fit the capabilities of the product. We can fully customize and tailor it exactly to their needs.

Peter Greener, Global Sales Director, VENZO Sales 
VENZO Secure Incident Manager
Ideal for many scenarios from law enforcement to retail, VENZO Secure Incident Manager provides users with open street map search capabilities, storage and classification of events/incidents, and storage of contacts and operation information – all with seamless functionality within XProtect.

This intuitive plugin offers advanced capabilities for cataloging incidents and storing associated video and other evidence all in a single, easy-to-search, user-friendly interface. The incident itself can be classified according to the nature of the event. All information can be exported from the system using a simplified incident export process. 

Each Incident can be easily enhanced with customizable fields via the Milestone Management Client, allowing each installation to be tailored to the customer’s needs. 

Operators can start an “evidence logging” workflow directly from within the Smart Client, which records and logs all operator activity. Additionally, this plugin includes advanced mapping functionality with postcode lookup and a new intuitive means of handling multi-level buildings.  

Incident Manager includes pie charts, bar charts, and bar graphs to help visualize incidents. Users can quickly pull up a graph that shows, for instance, 50% of the incidents resulted in successful arrests and convictions.  
Integration with the MIP SDK

VENZO Secure started building the Incident Manager in 2019 and it took 6 months to develop the core elements of the plugin. They leveraged the Management and Smart Client plugins, Event Server, and component integration for the web service and web API. Their current projects take almost full advantage of the MIP SDK environments, features, and plugins. They found the MIP SDK to be beneficial because: 

  • Based on an open platform, the MIP SDK includes a suite of protocols, components, and plugins facilitating easy integration of third-party applications. With clear interfaces, it is also highly customizable.  
  • It allows partners to create powerful solutions with a rapid turnaround to meet the diverse needs of their customers while at the same time greatly expanding the potential of the video management systems. If a customer is missing a particular feature and has a tight budget, it’s possible to quickly provide custom features. 
  • The MIP SDK enables fast and flexible integration between XProtect, applications available from Marketplace, and other third-party applications and devices. Partners can manage how their product integrates with other apps as well as control the details of the user interface and how it appears in other apps. 
  • The Developer Forum is well-documented with easy access to samples. VENZO usually receives a response within 24 hours – and if not, they can contact Milestone support and be redirected to a Milestone developer. 
  • It’s a continuously improving platform that is regularly updated with new features and improvements. And, you don’t need to worry about whether your plugin will work with new releases because Milestone always strives for backward compatibility.   
Benefits of working with Milestone
As a Milestone partner, you and your customers can leverage the expertise of the entire community of partners. 

Marketplace connects Milestone technology partners with system integrators and is a great way for partners to promote their plugins and business. Partners can leverage Milestone’s strong global sales force and customer base. Plus, they can easily market products beyond a single region or language.

Thanks to the great interoperability, simply integrating with the MIP SDK increases the chances of other tools and companies wanting to integrate with VENZO Secure’s products, leading to more exposure for their brand.  
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