The MIP SDK enables you to grow your business

April 01, 2021
Partner Integrations with the MIP SDK accelerate business for Milestone and the partner while at the same time increase the quantity and quality of solutions for end-customers.
About Zucchetti Axess
Present in more than 50 countries around the world, Zucchetti Axess is part of Zucchetti Group who is the  biggest private group in the ICT business in Italy. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in the access control industry, Zucchetti Axess designs hardware and software systems for personnel, goods and vehicle access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, time and attendance, and workplace security.
XAtlas – Physical access control solution
The integration of XAtlas with Milestone XProtect allows users to easily manage cameras, events, and access control all from a single user interface. This scalable, multi-site, multi-role solution also offers easy access control for multi-company sites where companies use individual and common entrances and exits. Available on-premises and in the cloud, the XAtlas plugin enables complete and detailed control of an area with easy access to real-time information.
Benefits of XAtlas plugin for Milestone users
In XAtlas, users can click on a map and directly access XProtect information. For instance, they can see the live view, review recorded video, or operate PTZ cameras. It’s also possible to control the opening and closing of gates while viewing live images. Moreover, users can see all XAtlas events directly in the XProtect Smart Client.

Display maps – XAtlas allows users to upload any type of data map, including multi-level maps, for instance for multi-story buildings. These maps can be used to create critical points for camera and terminal placement. It’s also possible to select and operate PTZ cameras from within the display map.

Access to real-time information about who is entering an area and when. This prevents multiple people from using the same access card and ensures an alarm is triggered if a controlled person attempts to access a building.

Automatically respond to incidents – for instance, in case of a fire alarm, XAtlas offers information about who’s present in the building based on the list of who entered and exited. You can see all the individual events that created the alarm so you can quickly verify incidents.

XAtlas offers the full package – including integration with various 3 rd party add-ons, for instance fire detection and intrusion detection. It also offers integrations to HR and T&A software.
Of course, there are other solutions available, but if you want an integration with our solution, Milestone is the standard solution we propose. We prefer to work with Milestone because we like top technology ecosystems. Integration is a magic word in our business. The MIP SDK is more flexible, and the easy integration allows us to demonstrate our system in a very good way.
Attilio Spagnolo Sales Director, Zucchetti Axess SpA
Integration with MIP SDK
Zucchetti Axess was one of the first Milestone partners to start using the MIP SDK, and the initial integration took around three man-months. As XAtlas was developed in Java, they used the protocol integration to interact with Milestone from Java. Protocol integration and ImageServer Protocol was also used for image management. For connection and configuration, they used the SOAP protocol.

Zucchetti Axess developed two separate integrations. One allows field managers to correlate access control events and events and commands available on Milestone servers. The other was developed using the plugin integration. This allows end-users to manage access control directly from XProtect. They found the MIP SDK to be beneficial because:

It has the ability to create bi-directional integration – XAtlas and XProtect are automatically and seamlessly updated in both directions, so information is always aligned.

The Developer Forum provides valuable information, especially regarding protocol integration, which has helped solve problems for Zucchetti Axess. Additionally, Milestone support offers quick response and resolution times.

There are many possibilities, and with great flexibility it allows Zucchetti Axess to promptly address the different needs of their specific customers.
Benefits of working with Milestone
The mutual relationship – encourages shared projects and helps increase business for both parties. Zucchetti Axess recently had a customer in Bangladesh who wanted an access control system but was using a different VMS. The customer was put in touch with the Milestone team and moved over to XProtect, allowing for integration with XAtlas.

Expanded portfolio – it’s easier to sell access control systems by also offering customers a broad portfolio of other solutions available in XProtect.

Help identifying new customers – Milestone helps Zucchetti Axess by identifying and introducing them to customers who are looking for an access control system.
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