Milestone Marketplace 2.0: Flexibility, Community and Collaboration

December 08, 2020
We are excited to officially welcome all XProtect® users to Milestone Marketplace. Since 2019, Marketplace has been instrumental in helping you, our partners, to identify the next business opportunity. With the new, end-user focused expansion, Marketplace now allows XProtect users to find exactly what they need among our technology partners and system integrators.
The past few months have highlighted how vital it has been for businesses to be flexible and adaptable. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, video technology found itself particularly well placed to help organizations address the new challenges posed by the virus. 

COVID-19 has provided a timely reminder of the need to rapidly expand video solutions, integrate analytics and other functionalities, and to innovate and repurpose existing investments. These adaptations require collaboration and inspiration — two areas that Milestone’s Marketplace seeks to cultivate.      
A different perspective
Milestone Marketplace offers an open platform approach that enables flexibility and deepens relationships between end-users and our Milestone partner community.  

One of its new features is a detailed search function that allows users to search for specific services, software and hardware, based on their challenges and location. This helps them quickly hone in on the exact product or specialist they need to meet their particular application requirements 

Marketplace also now lists Milestone’s many system integrators — who are listed as Solution Service Partners — making it possible for end-users to find partners to help them deploy. Conversely, system integrators can display their relevant projects, expertise, and references to help them build trust and authority in the market; while using Marketplace themselves to source XProtect products. 

Through Marketplace, end-users can now explore hardware and software to expand their XProtect® application, connect with producvendors and system integrators, and then deploy their custom solutions.  
Driving knowledge and innovation
The changes come as part of a wider shift towards sharing expertise through Milestone Marketplace. It marks an evolution in the community, to help build knowledge and drive innovation in the video sector.  

The new challenges section of Milestone Marketplace was designed with end-users in mind. Through it, they can explore solutions to specific tasks and issues — and discover how their peers have addressed similar challenges. Vendors and system integrators can also offer their expert insights into particular issues.  

By flipping the ‘inside-out’ approach, and instead presenting end-users with the types of challenges they might be facing, they are more likely to find their ideal solution. Not everybody knows what solution they’re seeking. This approach has led to the creation of a comprehensive collection of challenges for Marketplace visitors to choose from.

These include:  
  1. Understanding customer behavior
  2. Preventing vandalism 
  3. Responding to medical emergencies as quickly as possible 
  4. Controlling access to restricted areas 
Popular technologies
Another aspect of Milestone Marketplace is providing insights into the technologies that other end-users are investing in. This covers analytics, access control systems, management software, operator software and IT infrastructure. End-users can explore this section to get an overview of their system requirements, best practices, and likely return-on-investment (ROI).
Building on XProtect
A key benefit of Marketplace for end-users is the ability to continue building on existing infrastructure and to make the most of all possibilities with their current investment. Given today’s economic volatility and budget-cutting, this will prove invaluable. End-users can collaborate with Milestone’s ecosystem of specialists and vendors to build on their XProtect system and customize their video deployment.  
This means that, by investing in XProtect and Milestone, customers are not limited to a select number of vendors or a niche technology. Instead, they benefit from being part of an open ecosystem that can adapt to new changes and opportunities (and therefore comes with futureproofing built-in). 
Benefits to vendors and system integrators
For vendors and system integrators, there are significant benefits in being part of a community that fosters innovation and new thinking. They can connect with end-users and facilitate more organic, genuine relationship-building that provides value over the long-term. Being part of an open ecosystem can help with flexibility and futureproofing, and the collaborative nature of Milestone Marketplace means new use cases can be explored and deployed in partnership with Milestone and other members. 
Connecting with experts
Marketplace is built primarily as a connection platform, to help end-users make the most of their XProtect investment. Through it, customers can connect directly with Milestone partners and seek their advice and expertise on different challenges, use cases, and technology. 
Long-term value
Engaging with Marketplace gives end-users the freedom to build customized video solutions and explore the possibilities offered by the XProtect open platform. It also provides the insights and expertise needed to help them make informed decisions about their video deployments now and in the future — protecting their investments over the long-term.  
For vendors and system integrators, joining Milestone Marketplace provides the opportunity to become aware of new innovations, to create long-lasting relationships with customers and drive value for many years to come.  
To learn more about Milestone Marketplace, visit the Marketplace website.
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