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Selection of global media articles and opinion pieces by Milestone Systems
11/19/2020Facial recognition as a force for positive change
Brett Hansen, Country Manager South Pacific at Milestone Systems, explains how Facial Recognition technology is being used to curb damaging behaviours
11/14/2020Dover International Speedway
Delaware, USA
11/12/2020Puerto Rico Strong
Commonwealth Overhauls Security Technology in its Schools
11/11/2020Has the Consumer Given Up Too Much for Safety’s Sake?
Milestone Systems Vice President APAC Benjamin Low unpacks why organisations need to prioritise data protection and consumer privacy, especially as more surveillance tech is deployed to tackle the ongoing pandemic.
11/11/2020Vanguard Award Honorable Mention: Puerto Rico Strong
Commonwealth overhauls security technology in its schools in wake of hurricanes
11/9/2020Boon or bane, video tech has bridged gaps for the greater good
Benjamin Low, Vice President, APAC, Milestone Systems offers his perspective on video surveillance technology amidst the watchful eyes of privacy proponents,
11/5/2020Face Recognition: Possibilities & Complexities
Brett Hansen, Country Manager SPAC, weighs in on how if used responsibly, FR technology can solve a lot of security challenges especially when it ties in with other technologies
11/4/2020Case Study: Open Platform Video Protects the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum
The USS Midway was the longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century. In 1992, the Midway was decommissioned. It was donated to the non-profit San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum organization, who opened it as the USS Midway Museum in June 2004. As the area’s #1 tourist attraction, it welcomes nearly 1.5 million visitors annually.
11/1/2020Women in cybersecurity – what is holding us back?
Byline article by APAC Milestone Systems channel business manager Anna Schreiber
10/25/2020Are we more receptive towards video technology amid Covid-19?
Live interview with Channel News Asia's Daniel Martin + APAC VP Benjamin Low
10/22/2020What is an IP-based Video Management System (VMS)?
Video Management Systems bring together all the components of a video network
10/21/2020Democratizing Access
Dover International Speedway Implements Safety and Security for NASCAR races and Firefly Music Festival
10/14/2020Contributing to India's flagship program 'Smart Cities Mission'
In an interview with A&S India, Ritesh Deokar explains how Milestone Systems will approach the changing needs of video management in India and outlines our plans for India post-covid.
10/14/2020Remote Airport Deploys Open Platform Video to Monitor Facilities, Secure Operations
Isolated on the edge of wilderness, Jackson Hole Airport relies on Milestone’s XProtect VMS to enhance security, safety and efficiency.
10/6/2020Key concerns from consumers towards the increased use of video technology
Broadcast interview with APAC VP, Benjamin Low on the changing views and behaviours towards video technology in a post-covid norm.
10/4/2020How to encourage the adoption of video monitoring for COVID-19
Byline by Benjamin Low, VP for APAC at Milestone Systems
10/1/2020How Video Management Technologies Are Making Retail Smarter
Byline by Country Manager at Milestone Systems India, Ritesh Deokar
10/1/2020‘The video surveillance market size is also expected to grow by USD 35.58 billion during 2020-2024’
IFSEC interview with Ritesh Deokar, Country Manager, India, Milestone Systems APAC
10/1/2020Protecting Puerto Rico's Schools with Milestone
Puerto Rico Protects More Than 850 Public Schools with the Help of Milestone Systems Video Management System
9/23/2020"We provide a complete portfolio of scalable, innovative video technology solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in India."
Milestone’s Marketplace 2.0 to introduce exciting new integrations in Video Management Software, says Ritesh Deokar
9/6/2020Enhancing healthcare with open platform video management software
Technological advancements such as video analytics are driving a plethora of new use cases in the healthcare sector ensuring better security, service levels and business performance. Ritesh Deokar, country manager, Milestone Systems India, APAC explains how.
9/3/2020Safeguarding future cities and workplaces with video technology
Byline by Milestone's APAC South Pacific country manager, Brett Hansen on video technology safeguards for workplaces
8/25/2020The Rise of IP-based video cameras
[APAC] Country Manager, Milestone Systems India's take on IP-based video technologies
8/24/2020“I’ve been waiting for the right match, so this is a dream come true.”
Milestone Systems' new CEO talks to Computerworld about his motivation for joining one of the world's leading VMS providers.
8/12/2020Is tech the answer to building resilient workplaces in the new normal?
APAC VP Benjamin Low unpacks how tech-enabled strategies can support employers to build workplace resiliency into their organisations.
8/3/202010 Minute IT Jams - Who is Milestone Systems?
Techday's news editor, Nick Forrester speaks with Milestone Systems director of Asia Pacific sales Jordan Cullis
7/23/2020Addressing the knowledge gap in the Australian security industry
Byline article by Milestone Systems APAC South Pacific country manager, Brett Hansen
7/15/2020Video technologies help retailers deliver a safe in-store shopping experience in the age of COVID-19
Online or in-store, it’s all multichannel for retailers.
7/8/2020Eye on the future of business
Benjamin Low, Vice President APAC of Milestone Systems, is an advocate of using advanced video technology, and shares how these technology have the potential to vastly improve the way businesses tackle the “new normal”.
7/2/2020Strong Milestone community of business partners are the pillars behind our business strategy
Interview with APAC Regional VP Benjamin Low and India's Country Manager, Ritesh Deokar
7/1/2020What Phase 2 might mean for selected entertainment, F&B and retail segments
Benjamin Low, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Milestone Systems, explains how video has a huge potential to become a force for the greater good, especially when it comes to pandemic management, even as economic activities slowly resume.
7/1/2020Using Video Management Systems for a Safe Reopening During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Video Management Systems can integrate temperature and social distancing detection, access control and tracking technologies so your organization can reopen safely.
6/23/2020Agility is Having the Courage to Make Fast Decisions
APAC Vice President Benjamin Low examines the challenges organisations face when it comes to agility, from restructuring organisational communication methods, to creating a culture of openness among employees.
6/21/2020Video Analytics in Cameras for Public Safety
Op-ed: APAC's Country Manager Ritesh Deokar, Milestone Systems India
6/2/2020Milestone Touts the ‘Power of Open’
APAC VP Benjamin Low in an exclusive A&S Asia front page feature
5/27/2020Interim CEO Lars Larsen shares Milestone Systems' market outlook
Our interim CEO, Lars Larsen, recently spoke to Brian Sims, editor of Security Matters, on the magazine's new podcast about Milestone System’s 2019 record high net revenue in excess of DKK 1 billion and how Milestone Systems is coping with the COVID-19.
5/25/2020Defending our frontline workers with video and AI
Benjamin Low, APAC VP at Milestone Systems, shared how video technologies can be a practical and effective solution in helping contain further spread of the virus – providing an additional layer of defence as well as relieving manpower constraints in Singapore.
5/20/2020Milestone’s interim CEO discusses annual results, plans for the future
Security Solutions recently spoke to Lars Larsen, interim CEO at Milestone Systems, regarding the company’s announcement about its annual financial results. As reported recently, Milestone broke through a significant barrier by returning a net operational profit of more than $1 billion Danish Krone.
5/17/2020Ensuring business resilience
Interview with Ritesh Deokar, Country Manager – India, Milestone Systems
5/17/2020‘We are here to help businesses meet their video management needs’
Interview with APAC India Ritesh Deokar, Country Manager, Milestone Systems
5/10/2020What lies beneath – the new power of video
Milestone Systems APAC director Jordan Cullis explains how video is now more functional and capable than ever before and all that can be achieved with new technologies and the power of an open platform management software
5/7/2020Using IP Video to Reclaim Critical Resources in Battle Against COVID-19
As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout the world, hospitals are struggling to provide patient care, ensure the health and safety of medical personnel, and protect vital supplies from theft.
5/5/2020IFSEC's exclusive interview with Ritesh Deokar, Country Manager, Milestone India
‘These unfolding times are going to change how we approach surveillance and security in the future and Milestone is prepared for the changes to come’
5/3/2020Guarding against cyber attacks
Milestone Systems' Neil Killick talks about why ensuring a GDPR-compliant video operation is essential
5/3/2020Exclusive interview with Lars Larsen, interim CEO of Milestone Systems: Milestone Systems annual report 2019
Milestone Systems has reported a net revenue of DKK 1.03 billion in 2019. International Security Journal spoke with Lars Larsen, interim CEO of Milestone.
4/23/2020Health system pieces together ‘virtual rounding’ to cope with pandemic
Nemours Children’s Health System uses multiple technologies to social distance, reduce contact and save PPE.
4/14/2020Reflections of an industry CEO
Milestone Systems’ Lars Thinggaard looks back on his career as he bids farewell to the video surveillance market
4/13/2020EXCLUSIVE: Milestone's Benjamin Low explains how technology will combat COVID-19
In an exclusive interview, @IBTimesSG speaks to our APAC Vice President, Benjamin Low as he explains how technology can help the world see and defeat an unseen enemy - Covid-19.
4/1/2020Boring Toolbox Speeds System Health Check & Generates Compliance Reports
Last year Jacob Onstad took a business trip to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Florida, in his role as a field services engineer for Milestone Systems. At Nemours, technology plays a large part in their health system services.
2/26/2020Power of Open: Interview with Milestone Systems
Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Milestone Systems, talks about Milestone Marketplace, our approach to video analytics and AI, applications beyond security and the EMEA markets.
2/26/2020 Video management systems and the responsible application of advanced technology
Interview with Brett Hansen, South Pacific Country Manager for Milestone Systems.

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