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When you are writing your content and adding documentation, make sure to think about the words that customers would use when searching on Google.

Frequently asked questions

To update your content visit your page on My Marketplace Overview  and make any changes necessary. When you are finished, click Publish.
It is important that your content is updated with latest version and information. You can also add new customer stories, images, and videos about your applications, hardware and services while updating.

Make sure to check the following:
  • Software compatibility (with new versions of XProtect VMS)
  • Updated versions of manuals and documentation
  • Local contact information
It is important that the information about the latest version of your application, hardware or service is available on Milestone Marketplace®. Customers are looking for applications, hardware or services that integrate with the latest version of XProtect, and they can't be sure of this if they are not seeing the latest version of your application or hardware.
We realize that staff and organizational changes happen often. That's why we request that you check the accuracy of your contact information twice per year.

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