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Milestone Marketplace® is an accelerator that empowers Milestone technology partners to market their applications, hardware, and services – and a gathering place where you can show the world, what you have to offer.

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Frequently asked questions

As a technology partner, the Milestone Marketplace platform allows you to gain access to marketing tools and communicate information about your integration process and offering in an easy-to-understand way. Your application, hardware or service is displayed together with other related technology partners and the optimal level of documentation to gain customers' trust. This encourages system integrators to search for information on the Milestone Marketplace platform, rather than browse individual websites or search engines.
You must be a Milestone Technology Partner to join Milestone Marketplace. Our Milestone Technology Partner program takes an active role in driving the industry by supporting and promoting companies that create application, hardware and services that meet customer needs.  

Questions about joining the Milestone Technology Partner program? Contact us here.
Milestone Marketplace is designed to feature applications, hardware and services that integrates with, is designed for or works with Milestone XProtect VMS. Examples include an access control system that integrates its alarms and events into Milestone XProtect VMS, a PSIM system that uses video streams from Milestone VMS, or a reference architecture that optimizes the use of Milestone VMS with hardware devices or IT infrastructure components.
The documentation uploaded to Milestone Marketplace must clearly describe how the application, hardware or service is used in combination with Milestone XProtect VMS.

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