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We’re adding new devices all the time, but there might be a slight delay from the time a device comes
on the market to when we release the drivers for it. Check back if you don’t find the device you’re looking for.

Milestone does not warrant nor accept liability for the Technology Partner’s devices and their functionality. Milestone only examines the compatibility or the manufactures’ documentation for compatibility with the Milestone XProtect VMS version applied in tests as well as the listed firmware of the device. The use of Milestone drivers downloaded with the Milestone XProtect® Device Pack is governed by Milestone EULA. Milestone does not warrant nor accept liability for non-Milestone drivers, and your use of non-Milestone drivers is subject to the terms of the licenses defined and provided by the Technology Partners and/or other licensors of the software.

FIPS 140-2
XProtect 2020 R3 can operate in a FIPS 140-2 compliant mode when communicating with devices if:
  • Only specified drivers are used to connect to the devices (see below)
  • Device pack version 11.1c (August 2020) or later and XProtect 2020 R3 or later is used
  • Connection to devices is over https or SRTP/ (RTSP over HTTPS), for the video stream
  • FIPS is enabled on Windows OS on the Recording Server machine'

See a list of device drivers that guarantee a FIPS 140-2 compliant mode of operation:

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