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The Milestone Technology Partner Program represents a cooperation between Milestone and the partners in the program with a rich set of benefits and well-defined requirements. The Technology Partner Program is tiered with three levels where a partner’s tier determines the program benefits and requirements for the given partner. 

Milestone Technology Partner Program Benefits

The Technology Partner Program offers a range of benefits that help you build, verify and market technology offerings based on or optimized for the Milestone XProtect video management platform.





My Milestone partner program portal access

Access the track-specific partner tools and resources you need from your partner portal on My Milestone. 

Partner program welcome kit

Get all the information you need to get started with our Technology Partner Program from the welcome collateral on the My Milestone partner program portals.

Partner program support

Need help? We offer support on how to get started and make the most out of the Milestone Technology Partner Program.

Designated Milestone partnership manager

A designated Milestone Partnership Manager will help you align technology integration and marketing activities and is also in charge of partner business development and business reviews.

Milestone briefings on product direction

As a Technology Partner, you will receive briefing sessions with your partner manager. Milestone will tell you about product direction and news concerning the XProtect video management platform and its open interfaces.

Annual partner business reviews

You will have at least one business review per year with your Partner Manager to review the partnership and plan technical and marketing related activities for the up-coming planning period.

Build and Verify

Free XProtect test licenses

As a Technology Partner, you have free access to the Milestone XProtect test licenses required to build and verify your technology offerings that are integrated with or optimized for the XProtect platform.

Milestone eLearning portfolio access

Our extensive portfolio of eLearning courses will help you get the most out of Milestone’s video management technology.

Development tools and documentation

Milestone provides you with documentation, development and verification tools that will help you build, verify and market your technology offerings. These track-specific tools can be downloaded from the My Milestone Partner Portal.

Development support

Milestone hosts a developer forum that allows you to connect with peers and get help. Also, you have access to Milestone’s global technical support organization for support on XProtect-related questions or questions on Milestone’s software development kits.

Verification tools and guidelines

For each technology track, Milestone provides guidelines and test tools to help you verify the general functionality and compatibility of your technology offering based on Milestone’s XProtect video management platform. The Milestone Verification Team will guide you with regards to obtaining the Milestone-Verified status.


Partner marketing guidelines and marketing building blocks

Our Marketing Building Blocks can be used to build marketing collaterals and get the most out of the Milestone brand. We also include guidelines on how these marketing components should be used.

Program logos

As a Technology Partner, you may use the Technology Partner Program logo on your website or in relevant marketing collaterals.

Milestone Marketplace 

The Milestone Marketplace is an online marketing platform that allows you to reach out to and connect with channel partners and customers in the Milestone community. You may publish technology offerings that are Milestone-verified on Milestone Marketplace along with relevant collaterals and documentation.  

Technical support

You will have access to Milestone’s global Technical Support organization for support on XProtect-related questions. You can receive technical support by phone and file support cases via the Milestone support case system.

Milestone Experience Center exposure

We invite you to be a part of  Milestone’s regional experience centers in a variety of ways including logo, equipment or live demonstration pods.   

Webinars for Milestone channel partners

Co-host a channel partner webinar to gain exposure and leverage the power of Milestone’s vast channel partner network.

Milestone Partner Business Update

Extend your market reach by authoring joint technology news articles in the Milestone Partner Business Update. The Milestone Partner Business Update is a monthly newsletter that is distributed to more than 10,000 distributors, resellers, system integrators and consultants globally.

Banner Ads on My Milestone Channel Partner Portal

Extend channel exposure with banner advertising on My Milestone, Milestone’s channel partner portal for distributors, resellers and system integrators.

Shared and defined technical support escalation process

You get an additional layer of support for critical incidents. The escalation process is mutually-defined process with named contacts at Milestone and in your organization.

Paid options

Instructor-led training on Milestone products

Learn more so you can build better, with a series of instructor-led training modules on the Milestone video management technology. 

Milestone events

Connect with Milestone’s vast community of distributors, resellers, integrators, consultants and end-customers, by participating in or sponsoring Milestone-hosted events. Milestone arranges several local, regional and global events each year including the Milestone Integration Symposium (MIPS), Milestone Integration Expos, and the Milestone Developer Conference.

Industry trade shows

Co-exhibit with Milestone at industry tradeshows and events. Leverage the Milestone brand and reach a wider industry audience than ever before. 

Marketplace Membership Plan

A Marketplace membership plan allows you to promote your brand and products through product and solution service pages on Milestone Marketplace. The membership plans comes with a range of benefits, including priority and highlighting in search results and insights and analytics.

Milestone Technology Partner Program Requirements

The Technology Partner Program comes with requirements that must be met once you are enrolled.





Product direction and technology development updates

You are expected to keep Milestone regularly updated on general product development direction and future technology adaptation

Partnership manager for Milestone collaboration

You must have a designated partnership manager for the Milestone Technology Partner program within your organization.

Annual partner business review completion

As a Platinum and Gold Technology Partner, you are expected to attend at least one partner business review meeting per year with your Milestone Partner Manager. The aim of such meeting is to plan technical and marketing related activities for the up-coming planning period. 

Build and Verify

Verification and documentation

Any technology offering promoted via the Technology Partner Program must be Milestone-verified. You are responsible for verifying and documenting performance and compatibility with Milestone’s XProtect video management platform of your technology offering according to Milestone’s guidelines.

Updates on changes to Milestone-verified technology

You must notify Milestone about changes to their Milestone-Verified technology as these may impact the verification status.

Compatibility with the latest version of XProtect

You are expected to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Milestone XProtect video management platform in order to obtain a Milestone-verified status for your technology offering and to maintain this status. 


Logos for Milestone promotional use

When relevant, you must provide Milestone with company logos for promotional use within the Technology Partner Program.

At least one verified technology offering within the first two years

You should publish at least one Milestone-verified technology offering on either the Supported Device List* or Marketplace** within two years of signing the Technology Partner Program agreement.
*Device track only
** All tracks except the device track

Updated offerings and collaterals on Marketplace

To maximize the effect of the partnership, you are expected to keep Milestone-verified technology offerings, collateral and documentation published on Milestone Marketplace updated.

Support sold offerings

The technology offerings you decide to promote through the Technology Partner Program are owned by you. You are required to support and maintain sold offerings by providing direct or indirect support to the end-customer and Milestone Technical Support.

Promotion via own market channels

You are expected to market and sell your technology offering based on the XProtect video management platform through your own market channels. Any use of logos and Milestone marketing assets shall follow Milestone's Marketing Guidelines.

Opportunity sharing

To unlock the full potential of the partnership and to plan joint sales activities with your Milestone partner manager, you are expected to share opportunities that are relevant to the joint technology offering with Milestone. 

At least one new customer installation within the past year

To show proof of a growing business relationship, you are encouraged to inform your Milestone partner manager about at least one joint customer installation per year.

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