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Milestone reseller application

Please fill in the details below to become a Milestone reseller and gain the benefits of the Milestone Channel Partner program and the opportunity to sell Milestone products.

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Terms and Conditions


1. Definitions
2. The Scope
3. The Program
3.a. Enrollment
3.b. Program changes
3.c. Program benefits
3.d. Products and Pricing
3.e. Partner labels and recommended discounts
3.f. My Milestone
3.g. Usage of Company information
3.h. Lead generation and privacy
3.i. Company rights
3.j. Multiple locations (one organization)
3.k. Consent to receive electronic communication
3.l. Assignment
3.m. Liability
3.n. Trademarks
3.o. Term and termination
Milestone and Company agree to the following terms for Company’s participation in the Milestone Partner Program.

1. Definitions

"Affiliate" means any legal entity that owns, is owned or is commonly owned by Milestone or Company. Own means holding or controlling more than 50% of the shares, interests or assets of a legal entity.

"Agreement" means this Milestone Channel Partner Program agreement.

"Company" means the business entity, as identified in the signature block that has entered into this Agreement.

"Location" means the Company affiliate(s) who has enrolled in the Program and associated with the Company to share the Program benefits.

"Milestone" means Milestone Systems A/S (and its affiliates as appropriate).

"Milestone Materials" means any Milestone technology (including software), services, information, materials and other benefits offered to Company through the Program.

"Program" means the Milestone Partner Program.

"Program Member" means a business entity that meets the Program eligibility requirements defined in the Program Guide.

"Program Guide" means the guide located on the Program Website and that is incorporated into this Agreement. The Program Guide provides additional guidance about the Program and Program requirements.

"Program Label(s)" means the level of Company’s participation in the Program. There are four Program levels: (i) Silver, (ii) Gold, (iii) Platinum, and (iv) Diamond. Program labels and requirements are described fully in the Program Guide.

"Program website" means the website currently located at or equivalent local site, or a successor site designated by Milestone. The Program Website provides tools and information about the Program, including the Program Guide.

"Services" means support, consulting and other services or advice, including any resulting services deliverables, provided through the Program or through other services offerings.

2. The Scope

This program is designed to help companies deliver solutions based on Milestone technologies. Company’s participation in this program is voluntary. Nothing in this Agreement restricts Company from supporting, promoting, distributing or using non-Milestone technology.

3. The Program

3.a. Enrollment

After Company accepts this agreement, Milestone will advise Company of its acceptance and Company’s enrollment.

3.b. Program changes

Milestone has the right to change or discontinue the Program or any aspect of it. Milestone will give Company 30 days email or written notice of any substantive Program change. However, Milestone will give Company 60 days email or written notice if Milestone intends to discontinue the Program. These notices will be sent to the email or address provided by Company in their Program profile.

For all other changes, Company is responsible for checking the Program Website regularly. Company will be bound by Program Website changes as of the date the changes are posted, but the changes will not apply retroactively.

3.c. Program benefits

Company will receive certain benefits under the Program as described in the Program Guide and Program Website. Benefits may vary by Program Label, competency, and by country. Benefits may include recommended discount, sales, marketing, training, technology, services, technology development programs, and the ability to purchase, use and distribute Milestone products.

The benefits that Company receives under the Program, including not-for-resale and demo software, are not intended for distribution to Company’s customers.

3.d. Products and Pricing

Company can access Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) information under My Milestone. Company adheres to comply with the Minimum Advertised Price Policy ( Milestone publishes new price lists every quarter through My Milestone. Milestone reserves the right to change pricing on existing products, introduce new products and announce end of life on products without further notice.

3.e. Partner labels and recommended discounts

A partner label is a recognition given to Company based on certain requirements. These requirements may vary by country, certification status and the Company Member’s revenue engagement with Milestone. Company receives a label based on meeting certain criteria. Once Company meets these criteria, Milestone instantly awards Company the appropriate label. Failing to meet label criteria, either due to but not limited to expiration of certification or certified employee leaving Company, Milestone grants Company a three (3) month period to meet the criteria. Failure to meet criteria after the three-month period results in a downgrade of label.

Recommended discounts are earned based on revenue criteria, and can be moved down in the beginning of the calendar year. A higher recommended discount can be earned throughout the calendar year. The Company’s recommended discount is used for guidelines only. Milestone informs the distributor(s) of the recommended discount of Company. Milestone supports distributors with rebates dependent on Company’s tier, and the distributor determines solely the selling price to Company.

3.f. My Milestone

Company is granted access to the My Milestone via a username and password. Usernames and passwords are individual to Company’s employees and must be stored in a safe place. Usernames and passwords are not to be distributed to any third parties. Milestone reserves the right to revoke login credentials under the suspicion of misuse.

My Milestone contains the latest information pertaining to the Program itself, so it is advisable to reference this on a regular basis.

3.g. Usage of Company information

Company grants the right to Milestone to use the Company details, including but not limited to name, address, contact information, and logo provided in the profile to advertise the Company on a Milestone owned website; such as where-to-buy section. Under no circumstances, Milestone will publicly display or share with any third party Company data marked as confidential.

3.h. Lead generation and privacy

Milestone may provide benefits to assist Company with sales lead generation and support in the form of access to information, tools, templates and reports (e.g., the My Milestone Lead system). In particular, at times Milestone may share leads with Company containing Personal Information of customers. “Personal Information” includes any information that permits an individual to be identified or contacted (such as name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, financial information or account numbers). Personal Information relating to Milestone-generated leads provided to Company must only be used by Company and Company vendors for the purpose of facilitating Company sale of the particular product or service or sets of products and/or services of interest to the customer. Company must not use or share any Personal Information relating to Milestone-generated leads for any other purpose unless Company obtains the appropriate consent of the customer.

3.i. Company rights

Company acknowledges to actively market the Milestone products in the country where the Company is legally registered. Company can actively market the Milestone products outside the country where Company is registered if agreed in writing between the Company and Milestone.

Company can purchase and resell unconditionally Milestone Professional products. Milestone grants sales rights to Advanced products through a certain certification level and approval. The current certification level required to sell Advanced products is described in the Program Guide. Company can actively use Milestone Materials and Services provided under the program to market Milestone products.

3.j. Multiple locations (one organization)

Company with more than one legal affiliate, either in one or multiple countries, and where the parent company has explicitly indicated to Milestone that all entities shall be linked to the parent account, is not covered by this agreement, but need to sign a separate agreement. Please contact Milestone for further details.

3.k. Consent to receive electronic communication

The Partner and all contained individuals hereby consent to receive unsolicited electronic communication from Milestone. Each such unsolicited electronic communication shall provide a clear opt-out option as well as a clear identification of the sender. Unsolicited electronic communication coming from Milestone shall be relevant to the business relationship entered between Milestone and the Partner.

3.l. Assignment

The Channel Partner shall have no right to transfer or in any other way assign its rights or obligations under the Agreement, without the prior written consent of Milestone. Milestone may transfer all rights and obligations under the Agreement to an affiliated entity or in connection with the sale of a major part or all of the assets of Milestone.

3.m. Liability

Milestone has done its utmost to ensure that the Milestone materials displayed on My Milestone are accurate. However, errors may occur. Milestone accepts no responsibility or liability for any incorrect material.

3.n. Trademarks

Company shall market the Covered Products using the trademarks, name, logo, and designation as determined by Milestone. Company may not in the sales territory or elsewhere apply for registration of or register trademarks or any other market resources and/or documentation proprietary to Milestone or trademarks, marketing resources and/or documentation which may be confused with trademarks proprietary to Milestone. Company may neither directly nor indirectly use Milestone's name, trademarks or other exclusive rights as a part of its own name.

3.o. Term and termination

At any time, Company can cancel the Program membership by informing Milestone in writing. All Program rights benefits are revoked and the Company’s details are removed from any public listings on any Milestone owned web sites. Company cannot use the Program label, logos and any other references to the Program in any way.

Any confidential information obtained by Company or Milestone must be returned, destroyed and otherwise kept confidential after Program membership cancellation. Milestone reserves the right to revoke Company’s enrollment in writing after it has been granted at any time and for any reason.

In order to submit the application, please accept the terms and conditions.
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