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Milestone Systems eases the transition from analog to IP

A new licensing concept for connecting analog cameras to
Milestone XProtect® gives customers a cost-effective road to IP.

Milestone analog to IP campaign

The transition from analog to IP is not a revolution, it’s an evolution. With Milestone, users can take a proactive and systematic approach to moving to IP and immediately enjoy the security and operational advantages IP brings, such as seamless integration of security systems.

Now Milestone makes it even easier for users to begin or continue their transition to IP because we have changed the license implementation so only one hardware device license is needed for each analog to IP encoder, regardless of the number of analog cameras connected to the encoder. If the encoder has several IP addresses, it will need one license per IP address. The new licensing concept will be in effect from May 21, 2014 and applies to all 2014 releases of XProtect video management software.

XProtect is compatible with more than 200 encoders, from over 50 different manufactures, enabling customers to select encoders that are applicable to their requirements and budget. Therefore allowing a low-risk approach of transitioning to IP, since existing analog video infrastructure runs parallel to IP technology and the installation can scale as needed.

Click here to see XProtect’s supported hardware.

Milestone makes the transition simple, allowing the benefits of IP to be enjoyed immediately:

  • Milestone’s XProtect VMS, the true open platform software makes it easy to upgrade equipment and technologies
  • Milestone’s wide range of products are flexible and help customers move to IP at their pace and within their budget
  • Milestone products are compatible with the industry’s widest selection of cameras and encoders so existing equipment and future hardware will be compatible with XProtect
  • Milestone’s products can be scaled or upgraded easily, allowing customers to keep up with changing security demands.

Continue your investment into the future with Milestone
Because the transition to IP is an evolutionary process, users can obtain the benefits of IP intelligently with change happening in line with customer-driven increments.  Milestone will be there offering guidance during the transition providing flexible options along the way.

Want to learn more about Milestone’s true open platform.

Contact a Milestone partner to hear more about how Milestone can help ease the transition from analog to digital video management solutions.

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Disclaimer: This new licensing concept is not available for Milestone Husky products.