Secure locally. Connect seamlessly. Manage centrally.

Combine the Milestone Husky™ network video recorders (NVR) with Milestone Interconnect™ to easily build a multi-site solution at a reduced cost. Gain freedom of choice at remote sites without compromising the need for advanced central management.


Key advantages of a solution with Milestone Husky and Milestone Interconnect

Increased security of people and assets

  • Milestone Interconnect and XProtect Corporate provides an advanced operational overlay to local brand and site systems

  • Handle live and alarm monitoring centrally

  • Perform investigations and handling of evidence material centrally

  • Increase security level as 24x7 monitoring becomes viable


Low initial investment cost

  • Premium hardware and software integrated in a low-cost solution

  • Customizable, scalable NVR solution

  • Select and customize the NVR to be optimized for each site, lowering cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Reuse of existing analog cameras with flexibility to add IP cameras with hybrid NVR

Low operational costs

  • Cover multiple sites with less staff and reduce staff training cost

  • No or minimal personnel required in local branch offices

  • Manage interconnected branch systems remotely from the central site

  • Detect system problems proactively

  • Reduce the need for costly onsite service visits

  • 3 years SUP & hardware support included with the Milestone Husky NVRs

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Reseller benefits of the Milestone Husky and Milestone Interconnect solution

Are you a Milestone reseller with a multi-site opportunity and/or would like to know what cost-savings and benefits you can get from combining Milestone Husky with Milestone Interconnect? Please log into your My Milestone portal to get all the details of our campaign offer.

Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Husky NVR Series

Milestone Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows the Milestone Husky™ NVRs to be interconnected with Milestone’s premium software, XProtect® Corporate. Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites.

Learn more about Milestonne Interconnect.

Each individual remote site can customize the Milestone Husky NVR to be suit their needs:

  • Milestone Husky™ M10: Ideal for entry-level surveillance needs without compromising on power

  • Milestone Husky™ M30: Designed for comprehensive surveillance needs with more options for emerging businesses

  • Milestone Husky™ M50: Perfect for advanced installations with greater channels and storage

Learn more about the Milestone Husky Series. 

Industry-based solutions

In industries such as retail, banking or finance where operations are normally spread across multiple locations. Easy-to-install Milestone Husky NVR can be deployed offices and remote sites, while the powerful operational overlay based on XProtect® Corporate and Milestone Interconnect provide central surveillance over the distributed sites. 

Useful information

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