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Log in to the XProtect Mobile app

If your system administrator has set up two-step verification for your user account, you are asked for an additional login step when you log in to the XProtect Mobile app and connect to the mobile server.

The first step is your to enter your user name and password. The second step is to enter the verification code that you receive via email.

To log in with two-step verification:

1. Tap the XProtect Mobile app icon.

2. From the list of servers, tap the relevant server.

     Note: If you have specified a default server, you won't see the list of servers.

3. You are asked for a verification code and the system sends it to your email address. If in doubt, ask your system administrator for the email address.

4. Open your email program and make a note of the numbers.

5. Enter the code in the XProtect Mobile app and tap Save icon for Android  to save.

     You are ready to view video. 


If you do not use the verification code within a specified expiry period (the default period is five minutes), the verification code times out. Request a new code on the page where you enter the code.

If you exceed the number of allowed code entry attempts (the default number is three), you will be blocked. In that case, you must log out of the XProtect Mobile app and log in again.

Viewing live video

You can view video only on cameras that are set up in views in XProtect Smart Client. You cannot create views in XProtect Mobile. XProtect Mobile client displays only video. If a view in XProtect Smart Client contains other types of content, such as maps, text, or HTML pages, the content does not display.

When you connect to a mobile server, XProtect Mobile client lists your views.

  • Android -  Access your views on the Views page
  • iOS - Access your views on the Milestone Mobile page

The list of views offers the following information:

  • The type of view. This can be All CamerasShared views that everyone can access, or Private views that you have set up in XProtect Smart Client and only you can access
  • The name of the view. For example, Building A
  • The number of cameras available in the view

Start viewing live video from a camera

1. Tap a view to display the cameras it contains.

2.  Tap the preview image for the camera.


Stop viewing live video from a camera, or view another camera

To stop viewing live video:

  • Android - Tap the Back button on your device
  • iOS - Tap Close in the upper left corner

To view video from another camera in the view:

  • Swipe right or left

Search for a specific camera

If you have lots of views and cameras, you can find a camera by searching for the camera name.

1. Above the list of views, tap the Search icon.

2. Enter the name of the camera.

Filter your views

If you want to see a particular type of view only, or if you want to see fewer views, you can apply a filter. All views are displayed when you tap Filter, regardless of whether they are shown or filtered. You can always choose to include a view again.

How you filter views depends on the operating system on your device.

1. To filter views:

  • Android - Tap Filter icon for Android. If a filter us already applied, the icon is blue
  • iOS - Tap Filter in the upper right corner

2. To include or exclude a view, tap the view or use the slider.

3. To apply the filter and return to the list of views:

  • Android - Tap Save icon for Android in the upper right corner
  • iOS - Tap Done in the upper right corner of the navigation pane

Discard filter selections

If you haven't saved your selections yet, you can discard them:

  • Android - Tap Close icon for Android in the upper left corner
  • iOS - Manually undo your selections, or tap Servers to go to the list of servers


Interact with live video

Use pan-tilt-zoom controls and PTZ presets

If you're viewing video from a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, tap PTZ or PTZ controls icon for Android to use the PTZ controls. Tap controls once to pan or zoom one step.

If your administrator created PTZ presets for the PTZ camera in the Management Client or Management Application, you can use PTZ presets on your device in PTZ mode. PTZ presets are predefined positions in the view.

How you access PTZ presets depends on the operating system on your device.

  • Android - Tap Presets icon for Android
  • iOS - Tap PTZ

On the Presets context menu or page, select a preset to start using it.

Zoom in or out

You can zoom in or out to get a better look at the video.

  • To zoom in, pinch out or tap +
  • To zoom out, pinch in or tap -

Milestone Mobile uses digital zoom.

Crop or fit images to the screen

You can resize images to fit your screen, or you can crop them. By default, images are fitted to the screen.

The outer parts of images are removed. Tap twice to crop images to fill screen and preserve the image's aspect ratio.

Display other cameras in the view

If your view contains other cameras, you can swipe right or left to display their video.

Switch to playback mode

If you're recording, and something happens that you want to review, you can switch to playback mode to review the footage or start an investigation.

Tip: To keep an eye on the live video while you investigate, turn on picture-in-picture by tapping Hide/show Live PiP.

  • To switch to playback mode, tap Playback icon Playback.

Using actions in XProtect Mobile

If your system administrator has given you permission, you can trigger actions if you need to. In XProtect Mobile client, actions are outputs and events that you can activate. For example, you can:

  • Start or stop recording
  • Switch to a different frame rate
  • Trigger SMS and email notifications
  • Move PTZ cameras to PTZ preset positions
  • Activate hardware output


View and trigger actions

You can view and trigger actions from the following locations

  • The list of views
  • When viewing live video
  • The Actions page

1. To display a list of actions, do one of the following

  • Android and iOS - Tap Actions icon iOS

2. To trigger an action, do one of the following:

  • Android and iOS - In the list of actions, tap the action, and then confirm that you want to trigger it.

Use picture-in-picture

If you see something that you want to investigate, but don't want to stop observing the current situation, you can display the live video in picture-in-picture (PiP) and simultaneously play back the video.

PiP example 

To turn on PiP:

1. While viewing live video from the camera, tap Playback icon Playback.

2. Depending on the operating system on your device, do one of the following:

  • Android - Tap Menu icon for Android, and then tap Hide/Show Live PiP
  • iOS - Tap Menu, and then tap Hide/Show Live PiP

Return to live video

 To view the live video in full screen, tap the PiP window.

Take a snapshot

When you view live video or play it back, and you find something interesting, you can take a snapshot of it.

Snapshots are saved on your mobile device.

  • Android - View snapshots on your device's SD card at /mnt/sdcard/Milestone
  • iOS - View snapshots in the Photo Library

Note: You cannot change the locations.

To take a snapshot in live mode or playback mode:

  • Android - In live mode, tap Snapshot icon for Android. In playback mode, tap Context menu icon for Android, and then tap Snapshot 
  • iOS - In live mode, tap Snapshot icon Snapshot



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