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Investigate and document

Find and view video recordings

In playback mode, you can access recorded video from a camera.

View video recordings from a camera

How you access recordings depends on the operating system on your device.

  1. In the view that contains the camera, tap the preview image for the camera.
  2. Tap Playback icon Playback.
  3. To view a list of recordings from the camera:

    • Android - Tap Context menu icon, then tap History
    • iOS - In the upper navigation bar, tap Menu, then tap Recent history


Playing back recorded video

Use the timeline controls to play back recorded video. Controls are shown or hidden, depending on what you're doing.

  • Time Picker Go to time - Go to a specific point-in-time in the video by using the slider
  • Playback Speed Playback speed - Speed up or slow down playback speed
  • Play backward Play forward  Play the video backwards and forwards, and pause it
  • First frame in previous sequence First frame in next sequence  Go to the previous or next frame
  • Hide/Show live PiP - Hide or display live video from the camera in a picture-in-picture window

Load more recordings

In the Recent history or History lists, if you don't find the sequence you want, and more recordings are available, you can load more and keep investigating.

  • Android and iOS - Tap Load more

View or create an investigation

If you are using investigations in XProtect Web Client, you can use the XProtect Mobile app to view and create investigations. You can preview video from investigations, but you cannot download it to your mobile device.

View ongoing and completed investigations

How you access investigations depends on the operating system on your mobile device.

Tip: You can quickly refresh the list of investigations by swiping down from the top. You must be at the top of the list though, otherwise you will scroll instead.

1. To view investigations, do one of the following:

  • Android - Tap the Investigations tab
  • iOS - On the Navigation pane, tap Investigations icon Investigation

2. Optional: On the Investigations page, you can filter investigations:

  • My investigations - View your investigations
  • All investigations - View your investigations and those that other people created. Your administrator must enable you to do this

3. To see the details in an investigation, tap the investigation.

4. To view the video in the investigation, tap See camera.

Create an investigation

When you create an investigation the video is saved on the mobile server that you are connected to, not on your mobile device. To view the video on your device, you must connect to the server.

1. Find the camera that recorded the video, then tap the preview image to maximize it.

2. Tap Playback, then:

  • Android - Tap Context menu icon, then tap Investigate
  • iOS - Tap Menu, then tap Investigate

3. Specify the time to define the period to investigate.

4. Tap Create.

Streaming video from your mobile device

Video push lets you stream live video from the camera on your mobile device to your surveillance system.

This is useful to, for example, collect evidence when you examine an incident.

When would I want to stream video from my mobile device?

  • A crowd is forming at an entrance, and you want to show the control room 
  • You witnessed a crime and want footage of the perpetrator
  • You want to document a scene so that you can take a closer look later
  • You are interviewing a witness and want to record her response
  • A guard is handling a situation and you want to document his actions

Your administrator must set up video push

Before you can use video push, your administrator must do the following in Management Client or Management Application:

  • Add a channel to the mobile server
  • Add the Video Push Driver as a hardware device
  • Specify the users who can stream video from a device

Note: The video push feature is available in landscape mode only.

For information about how to set up video push, see the administrator manual of your surveillance system. You can download the manual from 

Set up video streaming on your mobile device

To stream video from your mobile device to your XProtect surveillance system, there are a few things you need to set up.

The settings depend on the operating system on your device.

Settings for Android

Go to the Settings in Milestone Mobile, then on the Video Push screen, tap Menu icon for Android, then tap Settings.

Specify the following:

  • Use front-facing camera - Choose whether you want to use your device's front facing camera to stream the video. This displays only if the front facing camera is currently in use on your device
  • Video resolution - Set the resolution of the video stream
  • Image quality - Set the image quality of the video stream. Enter a value between 0 and 99
  • Quality of service - Let Milestone Mobile server optimize the number of frames per second in the stream. You need fewer frames when, for example, your connection is slow. This can affect the quality of the video
  • Location data (XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Express+, and XProtect Essential+ only) - Include details about where you are while you stream the video. This requires that you turn on location information on your device

You can also prevent your screen from going into sleep mode while you stream video. Go the Settings page, tap General, and then turn on stay awake.

Settings for iOS

Settings for video push are available in Settings on your mobile device.

  • Camera - Use either the front-facing or back-facing camera on your device
  • Resolution - Choose image resolution. You can choose between HD, Low, Medium and High
  • Image Quality - Select whether to allow Milestone Mobile to adjust the number of frames per second in the stream according to the available bandwidth between the server and client. By default, this is turned on. This can affect the quality of the video
  • Location data (XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Express+, and XProtect Essential+ only) - Include details about where you are while you are streaming the video

This quality of service here is intended for video push only.

The clients will change the compression of the images trying to maintain a stable number of frames per second even on slow connections.

This is different from the server-side quality of service, which is used when viewing live video.

Stream video from your device to your surveillance system

If your system administrator has set up video push in Management Client or Management Application and has enabled you to use it, you can stream video from your device to your surveillance system. For more information, see Streaming video from your mobile device (explained).

How you access and use video push depends on the operating system on your device.

1. To access video push:

  • Android - On the navigation bar, tap Video push icon Android 
  • iOS - On the navigation pane, tap Video push icon iOS Video Push

2. To start streaming video:

  • Android - Tap Start
  • iOS - Tap Push

3. To stop recording, tap Stop.

Bookmark an interesting moment

Bookmarks are available in XProtect Advanced VMS products.

If you see something that you will want to investigate later, you can bookmark the moment in the video while you are recording.

1. To create a bookmark:

  • Android - In the lower right corner, tap Bookmark icon Android Bookmark.
  • iOS - In the upper left corner, tap Bookmark.

2. Enter a name for the bookmark, and then tap Send.

Investigate the video you streamed

XProtect Mobile records the video that you stream, so that you can investigate it.

1. Go to the view with the video push camera.

2. Tap the camera to go to full screen.

3. Tap Playback icon Playback.

4. Use the playback controls to investigate the video.

React to a notification

XProtect Mobile can notify you when something needs your attention even when you're not using the app. For example, the system can notify you when an alarm is triggered.

React now, or later

To react immediately, tap the notification to open the XProtect Mobile app and investigate what happened. When you do this, XProtect Mobile does not store the notification.

If you don't want to react immediately, you can view the notification later:

  • iOS - Go to the lock screen or the Notification Center
  • Android - Go to the Notification Area. Open the notification drawer to see the details



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