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XProtect® Corporate is the ultimate software for video surveillance in large-scale and high-security areas,
such as airports and big cities

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XProtect Corporate is powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale, high-security deployments. Its single management interface enables efficient management of the system and all connected cameras and security devices, regardless of the system size or if it is distributed across multiple sites. For systems demanding supreme situational awareness and precise response to incidents, XProtect Corporate has interactive maps linked to alarms and built-in support for Milestone’s video wall functionality, XProtect Smart Wall. 


XProtect Corporate provides the ultimate system reliability for high-security installations. Edge Storage support combined with Failover Recording Servers and redundant management servers ensure video recordings are never interrupted.


XProtect Corporate

Reliable high-performance surveillance software

• Hot standby Recording Servers: For high-security installations that require constant access to video, such as airports and cities, hot standby Failover Recording Servers maintain video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption and video loss in the event of network problems, server failure, loss of power or any other system problem

• High-performance Recording Servers: Offers a unique multi-stage video storage mechanism with data grooming possibilities, provides efficient long-term storage, while the video remains online for  operators

• Video database encryption and digital signing: Helps protect video material stored in the system from illegal viewing and modification or tampering

• Edge Storage with flexible retrieval: A redundancy option that ensures continuous recording of audio and video that controls when recordings are retrieved from camera storage based on time schedules and events

Ideal for large-scale and distributed surveillance operations

• Unlimited system scalability: With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, XProtect Corporate is flexible software with no limits

• Milestone Interconnect™: XProtect Corporate can interconnect with most Milestone VMS, Milestone Husky NVRs and Milestone Arcus™-embedded appliances to gain central operation and cost-effective management of geographically dispersed surveillance sites

• Milestone Federated Architecture: Connect multiple, individual XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert systems into a master/slave hierarchy of federated sites, ensuring unlimited scalability and ultimate operational flexibility

• Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) support: Enables easy and flexible integration of various types of security and business systems and video analytics applications, providing ultimate usability for the security operator



Features for effective live monitoring

• Alarm Manager: Single-point alarm function that provides a clear and consolidated overview of security and system-related alarms and gives instant access to cameras for immediate visual verification, decreasing the number of false alarms

• Bookmarking: Flag video sequences of particular interest and add descriptive notes, enabling users to easily share information and increase efficiency in investigating incidents

• Multi-layered maps: A comprehensive overview of cameras and layouts of an entire surveillance installation allows for quick detection of trouble areas

• XProtect Smart Wall: An add-on video wall product that seamlessly integrates with XProtect Smart Client and the map function to provide users with supreme situational awareness of their surveillance installation

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Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows most XProtect software to interconnect with XProtect Corporate. Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites. Click here to learn more about Milestone Interconnect.

Three powerful ways to view your XProtect Corporate system for free 

XProtect Smart Client
XProtect Web Client
Milestone Mobile
Watch the Power of Choice video

XProtect® Corporate is easy to use with three free, flexible interfaces - XProtect® Smart Client is the daily client interface for control over the entire installation. XProtect® Web Client lets you view, play back and share video on web browsers and computers.  Milestone Mobile is for viewing and controlling video from smartphones and tablets.


XProtect add-ons can provide you with extra value and functionality

XProtect LPR

Automate tasks

XProtect Retail

Transaction analysis

XProtect Screen Recorder

Monitor computers

XProtect Smart Wall

Advanced video wall

XProtect Transact

Verify transactions

 Milestone has specially designed and developed all XProtect add-on products so they fully integrate with XProtect Corporate. For example, using XProtect® Retail you can link transaction data with video in order to easily identify fraud and reduce shrinkage.

Find hardware for XProtect Corporate

XProtect Corporate works with the industry's widest choice of hardware for effective surveillance, including cameras, encoders, DVRs and joysticks.

Find third-party software for XProtect Corporate

XProtect Corporate integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications and together they can help solve all of your video system challenges.

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Having issues? Find answers to your XProtect Corporate questions by visiting Milestone Technical Support for access to support tools such as forums, user manuals and articles.

Where can you buy XProtect software?

Find your local Milestone reseller. Thousands of Milestone resellers around the world can help you find the Milestone XProtect software that is right for you.


Milestone open platform - What are the benefits if you choose XProtect software?

XProtect VMS is based on a true open platform, which means you can use cameras and hardware from many different manufacturers. You can also create best-in-class surveillance solutions by adding custom functionality to your system, such as access control, building management and video analytics. Learn more about open platform benefits.