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Milestone Incubation Center

Welcome to Milestone Incubation and Ventures, a center for new business and product innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley

Milestone Incubation and Ventures is an innovation center that will look into exciting technologies with the potential to accelerate Milestone growth across software, hardware and cloud services.

We strongly believe at Milestone that brilliant new concepts create big markets
Milestone already has a global leadership position in the video surveillance market with a world-class product line up and a strong ecosystem of partners with recognized solutions. Using our competencies in IP video surveillance, Milestone Incubation and Ventures is addressing new segments with highly differentiated, unique products and services.


Milestone Incubation and Ventures located in Mountain View, California

The mission of the center is to cultivate, incubate and accelerate new game-changing Milestone businesses and ventures in untapped market segments outside the video management software core business of today.

Product and services:
Identify and fund projects to address new and unexploited markets, including organic growth projects as well as high-potential technology or business acquisitions.

Strategic actions:
Develop new businesses that leverage Milestone's core competencies into the incubation process from market/technology exploration, business strategy formulation and product development to commercial success.

Milestone Incubation Center
Milestone Systems, Inc.
444 Castro Street, Suite 916
Mountain View, CA  94041


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